LerinCon 2013

{March 11, 2013}   Thanks for a Great Con!

To All You Crazy People,

Thank you all, so much, for a wonderful LerinCon.  I’m glad it’s over and so sad, too — I want to go to the next game now!  =)  I hope everyone else also had a ton of fun and maybe also came away with inspiration for your own games (<evil GM plotting fingers>).  I’ll see some of you during the week, some at games this weekend, and some we’d better find excuses to see each other more!

May you find safe travels, sweet dreams, and much caffeine for work tomorrow.  Love,

Coordinator Diane =)

A little surprise came up for registrations this evening, so here’s a clarification for those confused by it: when you Leave a Comment at the bottom of the Friday game you want to register for, the Comment will not show up right away.  Apparently the website waits for an administrator to come approve your comment before it appears on the public site.  Don’t worry if you get a message that your comment is waiting for approval and then it doesn’t show up right away; that means it went through properly and Diane or Jon weren’t sitting here on the Internet to approve it.

As more of a review in case anyone was confused by other registration issues tonight, as there are about ten times as many hits on the website tonight as people who registered for a game: to register, simply scroll to the bottom of the post for your chosen game and leave a Comment.  If you’re having any issues with registering for games, please email me at diane.degeorge@gmail.com and I’ll help make sure you get on your game’s list (unless it’s full, of course).

6pm for 6 hours:

“The Houndsditch Resurrectionists”
GM: Jack Young
Players: 5-6
Location: Reading Room
System: The Dark Engine: no previous experience necessary.  All rules will be gleefully taught.  All dice will be provided.

“London, 1872. In the wake of the Industrial Revolution, the most prosperous society in history is also a sprawling calamity of squalor, crime and unimaginable poverty. When no one in this vast city cares if you live another day, it comes as no surprise you resort to grave robbery and body thieving to maybe, just maybe get ahead. This morning a well-heeled gent went into the ground at Harrogate. This evening . . . there’s a job.

The Dark Engine is a gritty, deadly story-oriented roleplaying game.  Play a crew of shrewd but impoverished youths who try to make their living on the hard streets of Victorian London as resurrectionists – body thieves.”

Horror: Rated R for disturbing, historically accurate content, graphic violence and some inhumane but all to Victorian attitudes towards the innocent.

To register for this game, please comment on this post now.

{March 5, 2013}   Friday Night Game: Red Sky

12:01am until the Deep Ones rise:

“Red Sky”

GM: Zia Swim
Players: 6-8
Location: Gather in Chapel; will move to late-late-night venue
System: Call of Cthulhu

“The Innsmouth Inn is a cheap place to stay in SF. True it’s a bit out of the way, but walking is good for you right? And it didn’t have a yelp entry, which is odd, but that means it’s one of those hidden gems that SF is supposed to be full of… Right?  The last cheap place to stay in SF, and you can’t believe your luck that you found it!

Sleep Well.”

Horror: Standard level of Lovecraftian Horror, Vivid Creepiness, and Risk of Player Death.

Please sign up for this game now by commenting on this post.

Friday 7pm (for most) for 7 hours:

“Villanova’s Birthday”

STs: Diane DeGeorge, James Anderson, Janaki Sullivan
Players: 7-16
Location: Fireside Room, Chapel
System: GM Fiat with 7th Sea elements; all rules and setting will be explained

“Welcome to Vodacce!  It is the year of the Prophets 1668, and here in Vodacce, intrigue rules.  The lives and thrones of the ruthless Princes of Vodacce depend on staying one step ahead of those who would steal everything for themselves at the end of a poisoned dagger.  Prince Villanova, arguably the most evil and cunning of them all, plays this game brilliantly–and to the exclusion of all else.  He couldn’t care less about his needy citizens, plague sweeping through the land, or the fractured, leaderless Church’s inability to stop gross injustices throughout the nations.

You do.

Your superiors have told you that there’s a glimmer of hope for the first time in years of electing a new Hierophant to lead the Church and bring its power back. Once a powerful force for justice and learning, the Vaticine Church’s power broke years ago when the last Hierophant was assassinated without hope of electing a new leader. Tonight, at a grand ball in honor of Prince Villanova’s birthday, there’s a chance at last of ending the free reign so many despots like Villanova have had in the world since the assassination. However, the ten Cardinals have to gather in person long enough to elect a Hierophant, and there are a lot of very powerful people who don’t want to see that happen. You’ve been sent to seize this one, brief opportunity to set the world straight again. It must be done quickly, silently, and right under the Prince’s nose. Easy, right?

On the plus side: free cake!”

Horror: Standard levels of swashbuckling violence, intrigue, and poisonings; one blinded character may be present.

Costuming: Masquerade dress and/or masks recommended but not required; all forms of swashbuckling, piratical, and priestly garb will be appreciated.  Come in plain street clothes and we’ll be very tempted to dress you up…

This event will run as semi-LARP, semi-tabletop blend or as full LARP, depending on player numbers through the night.  Setting will accommodate late arrivals to the Con and early departures for “Red Sky”; when you arrive, please alert STs of schedule needs before receiving your character.

Signups NOT required but invited by commenting on this post, especially for players with special scheduling needs.

{March 3, 2013}   Saturday Day Events

Sat. 12 PM:

“The Thousandth Night: A Story to Beguile the Hours”

STs: Erik Dahl, asst. Diane DeGeorge
Game system: Homebrew LARP
Location: Fireside Room
Players: All

“Prince and peddler, djinn and ghoul, queen and charwoman, all rest in the hands of Ar-Rahmaan, the Most Merciful. Though this world we struggle through may appear a prison, we are only captive to our destinies, which may be changed by the whim of Al-Muqadeem, He Who Wills. You have been given your wits, your prowess, and your skill by the Creator: it is up to you to put them to their full use to survive this most dangerous of nights.

Costuming: Middle Eastern clothing suggested but not required. Some players may be asked to wear veils in the course of the game: we welcome discussion and questions about this cultural point (without game spoilers, of course). (eriktdahl@gmail.com)

Following the LARP, we will be celebrating the birthdays by the more traditional food-and-cake methods.  Those who are willing and able to contribute dishes to our dinner will receive many thanks, but all are welcome to come whether you can contribute to the potluck or not.  Party time!

{March 3, 2013}   Saturday Night Games

8pm for 4 hours:

“Valonia: House of Og-Thar”

GM: Lance Meibos
Players: 4-6
Location: Reading Room
system: d20 (simplified Pathfinder)

In Valonia, human-kind is enslaved to larger, more powerful creatures. As is elf-kind, dwarf-kind, orc-kind and others of similar stature. In a world of giants, dragons, fey and undead what will a few humble slaves do with a little precious “unsupervised time”? Can they survive to be anything more?

“An Unusual Request”

GM: Adrian Barnes
Players: 5-7
Location: Chapel
System: Vampire the Requiem

“You’ve lived over a quarter century among the Kindred of Miami. You know the ropes. You know the rules. You know the players. Gone are the nights of being pushed, prodded, and toyed with. That’s what the young ones are for. Or so you thought when you jolted awake to the sound of fire, in an unknown location, surrounded by fellow Ancilla.

This is a game of choices. When slighted, are you one to go along and file the incident away for future repayment? Or do you immediately push the bounds of the leash to find the breaking point? When obstacles appear in your path, do you dance around them or blaze right through?

Players of all experience levels welcome.”

Horror Level: Potential Emotional, Graphic Violence, +Player additions (this is Vampire after all)

8pm for 6 hours:

“Our Bomb Shelter Barbecue”

GM: Morgan Jenkins
Players: 6
Location: Fireside Room
System: “Vigilante: Dark Justice”

“Your friend recently bought a house and has found all kinds of neat features about the place, but the best thing is the discovery of a bomb shelter in the bottom of the garage! It has a bunch of debris that needs to be cleaned out so your friend throws a BBQ to recruit the free labor of friends. There is a mysterious section in the far wall of the bomb shelter where there are bricks used instead of the surrounding concrete. Curiosity has you all in a tizzy as to why!? You and your friends decided to use a plethora of power tools to get to see what is on the other side of those bricks. As you take out the first brick you see darkness spanning before you. Getting a light source you hold it up and see…*gasp!*
Find out what horrors are hidden behind brick and mortar, waiting to be awakened…

How far down the rabbit hole will you go? Super soap, remains of things that once had lived, shadows with their own movement, items sentient of their own histories…and many more possibilities. How deep can you go before you break? There are hundreds of things that you may find…”

Disclaimer: creepy children, severed body parts (not from the PCs)

12:01 am until reality is restored:

“Don’t Rest Your Heads”
GM: David Kuechle
Location: Gather in Chapel, will move to late-late-night venue
Players: By Invitation of the Birthday Pair

{March 3, 2013}   Sunday Games

10am for 8 hours:

“Nazi Valentine”
GM: Jason Pingol
Players: Six
Location: Reading Room
System: Mutants & Masterminds, PL6-8
Set in Dresdenverse

“February 14, 1945.
Happy Valentine’s Day.
The White Councel sent a group of Wardens in to confirm rumors that Heinrick Himmler, head of the SS and adviser and right-hand man to Hitler was, indeed, Heinrich Kemmler, notorious Necromancer thought to have died by Counsel hands in 1890’s after publishing “The Mind of Kemmler” and “The Blood of Kemmler,” two dark works of Necromancy that fly in the face of the Laws of Magic.  Those Wardens, despite having one of Knights of the Cross with them, did not report in again and are presumed dead, confirming the presence of the dark warlock.  This brings us to you.
The American government has long suspected the link between Himmler, the man who encouraged Hitler’s enthusiasm with the occult, and Kemmler, the mass-murdering Necromancer and have assembled their own team, cobbled together from various groups that oppose the goings-ons in the camps.  Hopefully the Wardens softened Kemmler up because your unlikely mission is to see what Kemmler is up to and take him out, if you can.
Happy Valentine’s Day, indeed.”

12pm for 4 hours:

GM: James Anderson
Players: 5-6
Location: Fireside Room
System: Leverage RPG
“People like that… corporations like that, they have all the money, they have all the power, and they use it to make people like you go away. Right now, you’re suffering under an enormous weight. We provide…Leverage.”
—Nathan Ford
You are part of a team of crooks and con-men.  Your marks are those who use their money and power to put themselves above the law.  When they commit injustice, trampling over regular people, you bring them what they deserve.  Stealing their money is for amateurs.  Your job is to make sure they are paid back for their wrongs, and can’t hurt anyone else.
A standard crew includes 5 roles.  Each character will have a primary and a secondary role.  These are: Hitter, Hacker, Grifter, Thief, Mastermind.  Think about what roles you’d like.
Your client is a rather nervous insurance company clerk.  He’s noticed he’s issued a lot of checks to the same corporation over the last few years.  For life insurance policies on the corporation’s own employees.”
4pm for 6 hours:

“My Twisted Ponies”
GM: David Kuechle
Players: 6
Location: Fireside Room

It’s a dark and twisted “My Little Ponies” game, guys.  You already know whether you want in or want to run screaming.

… are now posted.  Check out the “Pages” section on the sidebar to review them.  The most important rules will also be posted at the Con to review.

Diane =)

{March 3, 2013}   LerinCon Full Schedule

lerincon full calendar

To start off your convention planning, here’s the full finalized (hopefully) schedule of events for LerinCon.  There’s also a less pretty version that you don’t have to download on the “Pages” area of your sidebar.  More details will be posted soon about the individual games so that you can start picking out which you’d like to sign up for.

Generally, game signups will function on a first-come, first-served basis at the Con itself.  For instance, Saturday night game signup sheets will be put out Saturday evening after the Saturday LARP lets out.  There will be announcements when the sheets are about to hit the table, and folks can line up to sign up for their preferred games.

However, there are some exceptions:

First, the Saturday LARP does not require signups because everyone is welcome to attend.  It’s the birthday pair’s wish that as many as possible all get to game together then.  (We’ll see what happens if more than 25 people show up….)

Second, Friday evening signups will happen through this site, not at the Con, since the first games start when the convention opens.  Friday game descriptions will be posted last, and an email will go out beforehand as to when the descriptions will go up.  When they do go up, hopeful players will comment on the post of their preferred game to sign up.

Other than Friday, the game details posted on this site will just be informational so that everyone knows what game’s signup sheets to beeline for when the sheets hit the tables at the Con itself.

Happy perusing!

– Your Coordinator Diane

et cetera